Tips for Selecting Bidet Seats

It’s well known that we need to choose manufacturers with good reputations and high-quality products when purchasing bidet seats. However, the information gap is an unavoidable existence in confirming product quality. As consumers, we should learn to tell whether the bidet seats are good or bad.

Bidet Seats

Design Details

· Operation Panels with User-friendly Design

Whether a bidet seat is easy to use can be roughly seen from its control panel. We ought to give priority to the product with the following features. The panel looks simple with a reasonable layout and clear functions. Considering users of different ages, the bidet seat is convenient for the elderly and children.

· Nozzles with Self-cleaning Function

The nozzles of bidet seats need to have the function of self-cleaning. When the bidet is in operation, the nozzle will check itself first. It is blocked by foreign matter, the self-cleaning function can be carried out to clear the object.

· Antibacterial Materials

It is recommended to choose bidet seats and related products made of antibacterial materials which are highly hydrophobic and wear-proof, so as to ensure the hygiene and security of users.

Heating Methods

There are two different types of heating that are storage heating and instant heating. The former will be equipped with a small water tank in which the heated water is stored, and the latter directly heats the water through the heating device.

Storage type is not recommended to purchase because of its obvious disadvantages. First of all, it is unsanitary to heat water repeatedly and store it in the water tank for a long time so that scale will occur and bacteria will grow day by day. In addition, heating through the water tank is a slow process. If there is a large population in the family, hot water may not be enough for continuous use. And finally, although the power of instant heating bidet seats during single heating is relatively high, the storage one needs to heat intermittently to ensure the water temperature in the water tank. Hence, the instant heating bidet seat is more energy-saving than the storage one.

Flushing Methods

Although the bidet seats on the market look similar, the functions of flushing are not exactly the same. We should get rid of the misunderstanding of “the greater the water output, the cleaner the bidet washes”. The comfort brought by flushing water is what we need to pay attention to, and the functions of cleaning and massage can be realized through adjusting the position of the nozzle and the temperature and pressure of water.

Flushing Methods of Bidet Seats

Security Assurance

Some bidet seats are electric bathroom products. And the environment of the bathroom is humid, so consumers will pay more attention to the safety of products.

· Flame Retardants

Smart bidet seats have the index of fire resistance which is closely related to flame retardants that can greatly reduce the risk of fire. The rating of flame retardants can be divided into V-0, V-1 and V-2, among which V-0 has the best flame-resistant effect.

· Heating Protection

The bidet seat generally possesses the function of seat heating. However, if the manufacturer does not control the function well, it may lead to self-burnt due to overheating. Therefore, it’s necessary to add protective devices to the seat and control the temperature below a certain degree to avoid burning skins or the combustion of the product.

· Earth Leakage Protection

Some leading brands of bidet seats all have multiple electric leakage protection devices that are able to distinguish slow change from abrupt change. Once the voltage is abnormal, the product will cut the power off to protect the user.

· Water Vapor Protection

A protective cover will be installed on the circuit board of the product to implement double protection. And if water vapor enters the inside, it will not do harm to the core circuit.

· Grounding Measures

Once the insulation of the bidet seat is damaged, reliable grounding measures will lead the leakage current to the ground and protect the users. If there is no grounding measure in accordance with specifications, people will be in danger of electric shock. According to the national standards, the accessible metal parts on the bidet seat should be permanently and reliably connected to the ground terminal or the ground contact of the input jack. The clamping device of the earth terminal needs to be reliable and stable.

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