Basic Information about Eyelash Extensions You Must Know

The ample eyelashes enhance people’s natural beauty, especially those who put on makeup. However, many people are not so lucky to have them, and they may turn to false eyelashes. There are a large number of people adding false eyelashes to their makeup routines, but they find the common problem that it is difficult to wear eyelashes. That’s why eyelash extensions have appeared over the past few years to deal with those questions. Therefore, there is some basic information you need to know before you obtain eyelash extensions.

First, a technician will show you a range of lash extension options that have different fibers (synthetic, silk, and faux-mink), lengths, and curl types. Most salons have a menu to help guide the session and decide the lash extension that will nicely match your aesthetic. There are several different textures of lash extensions today. You can have the high-priced faux-mink fiber lashes which are bendy and light, or the soft silk lashes that feel extremely tender and create a more dramatic look than the faux-mink fiber ones, which will not inflict any stress to your natural lashes. The technician will help you find the appropriate lashes according to the size of your eyelids and your preference.

Once you’ve determined your desired lash look, the next step is the application — and don’t assume this to be snappy. Your technician will use a teeny-tiny device to exactly affix around one hundred sixty individual eyelashes to your eyes. They do this by means of gluing one tiny false lash onto each of your own lashes at a time. Understandably, the initial set will take upwards of two hours to apply. Since your eyes are taped in a closed state — warning: assume an awkward eyelid position that some discover unnerving where your eyes are tapped slightly open — try to spend time just relaxing and being with your thoughts.

Basically, the most necessary aspect to take into account with eyelash extensions is not to rub your worn-out eyes with your hands again and again or fall asleep face-first on your bed. Rubbing your eyes will result in instant lash breakage.

It is clear that wearing eyelash extensions is a delicate art. And if you are feeling overwhelmed by this, perhaps you should think twice about whether or not to wear eyelash extensions.

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