Escort services are not explicitly illegal in India

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A call girl is a woman who is hired by a man to have sex with him. They are often hired through an agency, and the woman will usually visit the man’s home or hotel room.

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However, the origin of escort services in India can be traced back to the 1960s.

The Mumbai police has arrested over 15,000 women and 300 sex workers across Maharashtra in the last 15 years in its crackdown on flesh trade under the Immorality Act.

In India, the prostitution is considered to be a serious issue. It is not only related to human trafficking, but also related to the violation of human rights, which are related to the women and children. The various government agencies of India have made some important policies and laws for prevention of prostitution. Still these laws have not been able to eradicate the same. The main reason for this problem is the poverty and unemployment.

 Escort services are not explicitly illegal in India

One can say that escort services are not explicitly illegal in India. Providing a social or conversational service is not illegal, but taking payment for sex or communicating for arranging a contract for sexual services is. Escort services date back to ancient times.

But now it seems like a part of our culture. One can say that prostitution is not illegal, but the terms and conditions involved in it are illegal. So, actually we are saying that accepting the payment for sex is illegal, and it is not prostitution. But there are some exceptions. The government has made some laws to make the clients of sex workers, pimps and traffickers accountable.

Call girl trafficking in different states

This region in the northern part of India is vulnerable to human trafficking. Many young girls and women are trafficked to Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana

Causes of Human Trafficking in Assam

Here various reasons for the occurrence of human trafficking in Assam. The main reason behind human trafficking in Assam is the poverty in the state. Most of the people live below the poverty line. The lack of education among the people of the state makes them a vulnerable section to get fooled by the traffickers. Child marriages in Assam is also a cause for human trafficking. It is estimated that about 10% of the total marriages in Assam are child marriages. Also, the state has a high number of migrants who come to earn more money and send it to their families. This makes the children in the families more vulnerable to human trafficking as the children are not supervised. Lack of employment in Assam is also a reason for human trafficking. The unemployment rate in Assam is about 10%. Lack of strict policies against human trafficking is another reason Some are even taken to countries like Ecuador, Japan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, USA etc. This issue has also been raised in the parliament by the member of parliament, Prahlad Joshi.

This problem persists due to the following reasons:

1.Lack of awareness about human trafficking and its consequences

2.Extreme poverty


4. Lack of employment opportunities

5. Lack of government support

There are various government and non-government organizations working towards curbing human trafficking in this region. Some of them are:

1. North East Network

2. North East Women’s Forum

3. North East Initiative Development Agency

4. North East Women’s Forum on Human Rights

5.North East Solidarity

North East Network

North East Network is working towards creating awareness about human trafficking and helping the victims. The North East Women’s Forum is working towards empowering women and helping them become economically independent.As we know, humans are not commodities, but they are treated as commodities in India. According to a study conducted by the United Nations on human trafficking, more than 80 percent of human trafficking in India is of Indian women and girls. If we talk about the surface of it, yes it is true that the majority of victims of human trafficking are women and girls. But only considering the surface is not enough.

If we dig a little deeper, we will find that there are many men and boys who are also victims of human trafficking. They are trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and they are often abused and exploited. There are many cases in which men and boys have been trafficked to other countries for the purpose of forced labor. In some cases, they are also trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The United Nations:

In united Nation study also found that the majority of human trafficking victims in India are from the poorest and most marginalized sections of society.This video tells the story of trafficking of a girl and the efforts taken by an NGO, who is working to create awareness in the region and help victims to reach the police, so that they can get rescued.

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