Do you think fake plants have the same benefits as real plants?

I want to share an article that i have found in somewhere as below. My husband asked me a question the other day that I could not readily answer. He said “do you think fake plants have the same benefits as real plants?” He was referring to my studies in horticulture therapy. I had to tell him that I did not know. Simply people prove that having nature nearby can provide a host of benefits. These include emotional, physiological, and psychological aspects. But does a fake plant count? I had difficulty locating research-based information on this topic, so I ventured into the internet at-large to determine my opinion on this subject.

First up was an online article from Rolling Nature that brought up some interesting points in favor of live plants: Live plants increase oxygen and can act as air purifiers. The Rolling Nature article states there is an emotional quotient with live plants also. They say “they are fresh and we care for them like a little one.” The author continues that having live plants in the workplace can reduce sick building syndrome. They also cite a study cited that says by “looking at decorative plants in their hospital rooms, patients recovering from surgery were reported to have lower blood pressure and less, pain, anxiety, and distress.”

I would think the last point might apply to artificial plants as well. In another article titled “Green is good for you,” that I found on the American Psychological Association’s website, Terry A. Hartig, PhD, MPH did an interesting study. Dr. Hartig showed people “photographs of a forested area and downtown Stockholm and found that the forest slides boosted people’s mood:” From TLC Landscaping Guide’s website, they share these additional benefits of fake plants. There are no seasonal changes. They do not drop flowers or leaves. Other than occasional washing, they look good year round. You don’t have to fertilize or water fake plants.

And you also don’t have to worry about pests or disease. You don’t need a sunny window and you can place artificial plants anywhere: There are good points on both sides of the discussion of live versus artificial plants. In my home, we have both. Living with cats and dogs my entire life, I have learned that live plants cannot be placed anywhere our four legged friends could possibly eat them. In our house, the live plants are either hanging from the ceiling or secured behind a closed door. The artificial plants, on the other hand, are placed on counters, shelves and mantles.

If it weren’t for our furry friends, I would vote for live over artificial any day. I will say though I really enjoy the fake plants though. They require very little maintenance. I think from a psychological standpoint that viewing even a replicate of a live plant is beneficial. I smile when I notice the artificial herbs I have on my kitchen counter. My personal decision is this: a fake plant is better than no plant at all.

The benefits to use artificial plants

Using a range of stunning potted plants including maples, palms, bays and bamboo,  your office space and workplace will look lush, alive and more organic – with the knowledge that these plants won’t wither and die. These plants come in a range of sizes to suit all spaces and of course, they are fire-retardant. The main benefit of artificial plants is the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that plants won’t lose their leaves due to plant diseases. Your artificial foliage displays will live on forever! Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting: No need to water, prune, weed, deadhead or trim.

Artificial plants and flowers are fairly undemanding and need little maintenance as compared to their live counterparts. Are you guilty of not remembering to water your plants? Free yourself from the responsibility and use artificial plants that require less care and attention. Though we need to clean and dust artificial silk plants every so often, they do not require any special fertilizers. Artificial plants are also long-lasting and do not perish which makes them an ideal choice. Ease of cleaning: Cleaning dusty plants can be a challenge, great care needs to be taken when wiping each individual leaf down. With artificial plants this becomes far less time consuming as they are much less fragile.

Design: Give yourself the freedom to get truly creative with the spaces you have, be it at home or work. Tailor your landscape to suit your design because you don’t have to worry about the plant altering or changing over time. They will remain the same size and never outgrow a space. Colour schemes don’t need to change with the seasons. Flexibility: With artificial plants you don’t need to worry about placement. You won’t have to worry about if your plant will be getting enough sunlight or shade or if it?s too close to a cold window. You decide where it goes and where you feel it looks best – and there it will stay. Time: Impatient? Want a full green space without the wait? Then artificial might be the answer. Resistance and Resilience: Artificial plants will withstand the elements and critters.

Forget aphids, fungi or other ailments that you have to worry about with real plants. Animals also won?t try eating or uprooting the plants. Artificial plants are also safe from introducing any foreign or harmful pests into new environments. Even better, they don’t attract any kind of bugs especially ones that are bothersome to humans. Quality: Nowadays fake plants have gotten to the point where they look incredibly real often fooling the most critical eye. They can be treated so they are UV protected, lasting through years of direct sunlight and weathering. Safety: Artificial plants can be treated with fire retardant to resist the spread of fire. Price: Silk or plastic versions of live plants are almost indistinguishable from live plants themselves, can last longer and the low maintenance costs provide additional savings.

Hypoallergenic: Allergic to pollen? Real plants can be the source of a lot of issues for humans sharing the same space. For example, they can trigger allergies and may even be responsible for poisoning if children or pets touch or consume them. Artificial plants don’t come with any of these problems and there’s no need to worry about pollen, which is the source of allergies for 12+ million people in the UK alone. With artificial plants you won’t have to worry about adding pesky allergens to your space. Keep breathing freely and enjoy greens or florals without the sneezing.

Get exactly what you want If you don’t have the right environment or space for the plants that you’re looking for then you may find your options severely restricted with real greenery. Tropical blooms, for example, may need sunlight or a humid atmosphere that you just can’t provide. This isn’t the case with artificial plants – you can create exactly the aesthetic you want with no limitations. Plus, the range of artificial plants is so broad today that you’ll have a huge amount of choice when it comes to your options. If you’re unsure as to whether artificial plants will look great in your indoor space, don’t worry! Today Today there are many china manufacturers who are skilled on how to produce them. Also their designers will help you design the perfect display to really splash some colour into your environment. You can find such a manufacurer and ask for help.

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