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How Cash App $100 to $800 scheme works in 2022 ? Real or Fake

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What is a Cash App $100 To $800 Scheme? Is It Real 

You must have got to know about the Cash App $100 to $800 scheme, that’s why you are here. We will break down everything that we have researched about the Cash App $100 to $800 scheme in this blog. With the rising popularity of Cash App, the scams are also increasing at the same pace. It is very important nowadays to be safe and prevent oneself from the online frauds which are circulating in today’s era of digitalization. Cash App is the best and most used online banking portal providing services like money transfers, Cash App Direct Deposit, Cash App Stimulus Checks and tax refunds. Cash App also helps the budding investors by offering the service to purchase bitcoins and invest in US stocks through it. Let us now come back to today’s topic: cash app $100 to $800 scheme. Before analyzing anything we should first learn what is a cash app $100 to $800.


What is a Cash App $100 to $800?

Cash App $100 to $800 is a scheme circulating on social media platforms. This is a flip scheme in which you need to join some social media groups popularly called Blessing loom, Money Sharing Circle. We also noticed how this scheme works. You have to give $100 to one person and then send a message to 8 people. The promise is that you will get eight other people to contribute $100 each, earning you a total of $800. These eight people will then encourage eight more people to contribute $100 each, earning another $800. This is a complete fraud, though.


Can I get $100 to $800 from the cash app?

Is the cash app $100 to $800 real? Is a frequently asked question by the Cash App users. Cash App $100 to $800 is a total scam. These frauds are circulating on social media by the scammers. We can understand that it is easy to get attracted to these false promises of money but Cash App asks its users to only trust the things which they are posting on social media. These Glittery schemes are not legitimate at all rather it takes away your money.

Once, you will pay the money you won’t even notice where the receiver will fly with your money. It is quite risky as well because they can even access your information. Scammers advocate for cash Apps flips on social media in an effort to steal $100 or more from one person at a time. This is all a con; there is no real social circle or blessing loom in action.

However, it might appear quite convincing because scammers frequently publish pictures of people acting like Cash App flips are real.


What are the other Cash App Scams?

Not only cash apps $100 to $800 there are many other Cash App scams as well on YouTube. Other Cash App scams are #Cash App Friday, Cash App fake support, Cash App Money flips, Cash App Debit Card Activation scams are among the famous Cash App scams.


Will Cash App refund money after a cash app $100 to $800 scam?

Since Cash App is not FDIC insured, it is impossible to predict about Cash App Refund and if it would reimburse you for money lost to fraud. Although Cash App may occasionally issue reimbursements to fraud victims, there is no assurance that this will happen. You can submit a Cash App dispute so that the cash app is aware of the issue and can take action to look into it. To file a complaint using the specified procedure:

  • Open Cash App by tapping.
  • To view all of the most recent activity, go to the top right corner and click the clock icon.
  • find the fraudulent transaction
  • Tap on “…”
  • Choose “Need assistance and Cash App Support”
  • Select “Dispute transaction”
  • Fill out the necessary information on this new page, then click the Submit button.


Cash App will get your report, and one of the staff will look into the situation and assist you in resolving your claim. The Federal Trade Commission is another avenue for contacting the government for assistance. This action can assist both you and others in avoiding the trap. When you report a fraud to the government, you can obtain assistance in getting all of your money returned and, in addition, the government will work to apprehend the fraudsters.


Cash App is the rapidly growing digital banking portal used by millions of people in the US. With the hype of Cash App, the scams on Cash App are also increasing. One of such scam id Cash App$100 to $800. In this, people pay $100 and the scammers promise to return $800 once you encourage 8 others to pay as well. All this money will go into waste. In this digital world, it has become very important to stay protected from scams and frauds.

Points to keep in mind to protect your  Cash App account from fraud:

  • Do not sense or receive money from someone you don’t know.
  • Do not give out your cash app card details.
  • Do not share the SSN and $Cashtag.

We have tried to explain everything with this blog. In case you have any doubt or have fallen in trap of fraudsters then reach out to the Cash App Customer Service.

What is the best way to recognize a scam like this?

Scammers always send you a message or mail when they have something to gain from you. In addition to Cash App, you can recognize scams in other apps and in our day-to-day lives.

Scammers always promise that they will make a lot of money from their scams.

Scam apps are frequently subjected to involuntary glaring reviews.

It happens sometimes that one of your friends or family members gets hacked and starts spamming money-making schemes on their accounts

A scammer is most likely to endorse such schemes if they claim to give you free money. If there are no details or explanations behind a big claim, you should never believe it.

In the vast space of the internet, scammers are like hunters seeking prey (people in need of money). Money-related online searches are targeted by scammers. You should be cautious if you see a money-related advertisement promising you a lot of money. articleposted

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