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Business ideation is a thought process of an individual or a group of like-minded people. However, its success depends on innumerable factors. And one of them is your digital partner. In these contemporary times, having a development company that is in sync with your needs and future goals can be a boon in disguise, especially when you need a world-class Java service providerAhom Technologies offers top-notch Java application development services that can reshape your business into a successful template; an example for others to follow.

With more than 4 years of intense experience and a team of Java developers who are always looking for challenges, we deliver web and mobile software applications powered by Java technologies that are trendsetters and equally practical to use. And therefore, we can confidently say that your “Java development company in India” search ends here.


Ahom Technologies – Conversant with major frameworks

Our Java developers have mastered distinct flavors of Java development frameworks. Does this help you as a customer? Yes, of course. We choose the appropriate option depending on the project requirements. This, in turn, helps us cut down costs, improve features, and most of all, deliver highly functional, scalable, and secure web, mobile, and enterprise software/apps.


Java frameworks that Ahom Technologies exploits –


Although SPRING is an application framework, it uses techniques such as Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) to build enterprise applications; it also boasts extensions that are utilized to develop WEB apps also. The layered application extension is a great resource for developers.


  1. SPARK

An open-source web application framework, Spark offers an in-memory, distributed data processing engine. The highlight of this engine is its ability to analyze and process large datasets. Spark is a perfect distributed data processing system that utilizes optimized query execution for quick results.


Eclipse, a Java-based framework not only allows developers to build Java applications but offers a plethora of language options such as C, C++, C#, PERL, and PHP. Eclipse provides a fantastic application model and a user interface that is intuitive & versatile. As one of the leading Java Developers, we love ECLIPSE for its range of development languages.

  1. BLADE

The blade is a simple, Java MVC framework that is lightweight, modular, and supports the plug-in extension. It provides support for JDK 1.6 and the higher versions. Another attractive and developer-centric feature is its support for a REST-style routing interface. All in all, it reduces functional layers between the developer and the underlying vibrant libraries.


Ahom Technologies, a global Java application Development Company also builds web applications and software using Struts Framework. Incidentally, this framework is based on Java and its complementing technologies such as JavaBeans and JSP.


  1. PLAY

PLAY is yet another open-source Java framework that is distinct in its own way. Our developers love it because of its model–view–controller architecture. It is developed using SCALA. However, it can be exploited via complementing programming languages and then compiled into JVM Byte code. It is one of the options that we frequently exploit to build web applications.



Ahom Technologies builds world class products using Java and Java frameworks –

  1. Java-based Web Applications

Java Server Pages, JSP Standard Tag Library in tandem with Java Servlet API allows developers to rapidly build dynamic web pages and applications which are distributed in nature. Java’s inherent features such as robust coding and high security enable Ahom Technologies to develop and deploy large ecommerce portals, finance and insurance client/server apps, and even large-scale government web applications.


  1. Java Enterprise Solutions

JEE is a perfect development toolkit for creating structured applications. Its beauty lies in its segregation of client, business, and enterprise layers. Ahom Technologies, one of the finest Java Developers exploits the Java Enterprise solutions framework to build business processing software, games, desktop applications, and a bouquet of productivity tools.


  1. User-Friendly Java CMS 

Ahom Technologies offers enterprise-level CMS using Java and its repository of libraries, functionalities and toolkit. We typically exploit Java frameworks such as spring to build reliable and stable content management systems. Unlike CMS based on PHP and other languages, Java offers impeccable user experience, and also boasts a long history of delivering high-quality software.


  1. J2EE Solutions

Ahom Technologies, a java Software Development agency features a team of developers who exploit various APIs and protocols to deliver high-class, industry standard, and multi-tier web-based software. Our web applications are secure, scalable, and fast, ensuring optimum productivity, and responsiveness. In short, our software offers a flawless enterprise-class experience with the J2EE platform.

  1. Java Mobile App development

One of the beauties of Java, an independent, self-functioning, platform-independent programming language is its “develop once and run anywhere” feature. It is this independence that makes it an apt medium to build cross-platform mobile apps. At Ahom Technologies we understand the importance of this liberty and therefore imbibe Java and its frameworks to develop world-class apps which do not need to be recompiled for different devices or O.S.


  1. Java/J2EE-based Software Development

Are you looking for a simplified option to build a secure and scalable software development tool? Yes! Then J2EE is your best bet. Based on standardized, modular components, it allows rapid development of internet or intranet-based enterprise applications. Events and functions are automated using components and libraries, relieving programmers from redundant and repeated coding.


Ahom Technologies and Java – Perfect Companions

As a leading Java developer, we provide Java and Java-based solutions for a myriad of applications and software. Java is a robust, platform-independent, and Object-Oriented programming language which allows us to develop Custom Java-based apps – from web software to enterprise-level tools such as CMS, Games, and Business Productivity / Processing applications.


Outsourcing Java Projects?

The search term “Java development company India” is synonymous with Ahom Technologies. So, if you are looking to outsource your Java projects, look no further. We offer tailor-made solutions which are affordable, based on the latest framework, and carry unmatched after-deployment support.



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